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Mental Illness and the Real Benefits of Faith in the Gods

Thor und die Midgardsschlange, Emil Doepler

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Adorations for Þórr/Thor (2015, 1 of 2)

Union Lake at Sunset (Alixander F. D. Bragiteilen)

Mighty Þórr, whose powerful hands wield Mjǫllnir,
Whose thirst lowered oceans, whose brawn lifted Jörmungandr,
You are the strength of our bones, the thickness of our skin,
The bite behind our bark, and the will to push on.
Kind Þórr, your compassion knows no bounds.
With a light heart do you best evil in all its forms.
Help us to find the courage to defeat our foes,
Be they in the mind or on the earth.
Bring us a spirit to match yours, O Þórr,
So that we may hold our heads high when life beats us down.
Good-hearted god, lead the way and we will follow,
Singing your praises wherever we may go.

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