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The Alcis: A Reference on the Germanic Gods of (Possibly) Elks, Brotherhood, and Male Youth

Please note that this work is subject to updates and that the most recently updated version will always be the document in my google drive linked to on my Resources page. Please also note that you should not accept any of this at face value and always research any of the information I make available yourself. This is intended to be a simple reference and jumping-off point.

Second Discovered Gallehus Horn The Alcis
The Alcis (the two human figures on the far left) as depicted in a drawing of the second Gallehus Horn, which was discovered in 1734, and stolen and destroyed in 1802, etching by J. R. Paulli

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Some Thoughts on The Alcis

Tonight, my unsated curiosity about the Alcis, the pair of divine brothers worshiped by the Naharvali tribe according to Tacitus, got the better of me as it tends to do quite often. Once again, I found myself looking for more sources, and things I may have missed in the sources I already know, to aid my understanding of the brothers. Though I had some trouble even keeping up with my own thoughts, I tried to make what follows as coherent as possible:

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