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Adorations for Skaði (Skadi) of the Hills Beyond the Shroud

take care to walk in silence by Jenna Barton dappermouth on tumblr
take care to walk in silence. by Jenna Barton

Sifter through the drifting white;
fallen snow untrampled, untroubled
‘neath the shoes of winter’s bones;
upright, a straight back, a proud face;
a shrouding mist and ghostlike sheen
upon such a face, though her cheeks flush, as ever,
so exhilarated a crimson flush.
Skaði is the name of one who roams
those hills beyond the shroud,
and ever in her oneness shall she be
the untrampled, the untroubled;
against the temperate breeze does she forsake a warmer wading
and embrace the biting winds
of so harsh and transfixing a frozen sky.
How my heart thaws within her glow;
how my lungs sing so unbridled in her heavens.
How my spirit reaches outward, rejoicing,
when it finds her guiding hands.

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