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Adorations for Baldr, the Mortal Whose Sorrow Made Him into a God of Joy

(Note: I base this praise off of Saxo’s writings on Balderus and on my own UPG.)

Rival Sons - Manifest destiny pt 1 by Jasmin Wolff
Rival Sons – Manifest destiny pt 1, Jasmin Wolff

Baldr, who shines like the sun and even more beautifully, please hear now my adoration for you:

If the mortal whose loss in love and miserable end made him a god most beloved is called Baldr, then the road to Love is called Loneliness, the road to Redemption is called Sacrifice, and the road to Life is called Death.

Baldr of beautiful things, of gentle encouragement, of kindness, of warm and unconditional love: You are an inspiration to me, and more than that, you are the picture of a love that I want to embody and to give and receive. If beauty is Baldr’s domain, then nobody who truly knows him could ever mistake him for being anything less than absolutely selfless, for beauty exists in every corner of the world–in every flower and every weed, in every innocent smile and every set of snarling fangs, in every noisy crowd and every gentle song, and even in every thing that is ever called “ugly,” because most importantly, beauty exists in the eye of the beholder. Beauty is Baldr’s gift to those who know him, but also to those who do not, and so Baldr is kind and giving and a believer in the fundamental goodness of humanity.

To honor you, Baldr, I promise to give often, to love selflessly, and to strive for all that you embody.

Praise be to Baldr, who shines like the sun and even more brilliantly. May his gifts never go unnoticed, may his sacrifices never go unappreciated, and may his kindness inspire the whole world.

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