18 - 07122018My name is Alixander Florian Dietrich Bragiteilen. I’m an amateur scholar in the field of Germanic/Norse history & religion. I’d been an on-and-off Germanic Heathen for six years before finally deciding to stick with it permanently in 2017. I’m also a fiction writer, artist, and poet. I’m 24 and I fear death and ignorance like nothing else. (You can find my current fiction work here, and my poetry here.)

I’m oathbound to Bragi and to Þórr (Thor), though my practice doesn’t involve just those two. I tend to be drawn to Dellingr at times.

Though I keep the identity “man” for the sake of ease since the more complex answer to “What gender are you?” is too inconvenient for most contexts, I prefer to encapsulate my gender and sexual identity within the term “seiðmaðr.” If you’d like the explanation, you can read it here. I use he/him pronouns regardless of anything.

I’m here because I’ve used Tumblr as my main blogging platform for years, and I can no longer ignore its shortcomings as a platform for religious opining and researching. As I feel compelled to make publicly available in the most easily understandable way anything I learn, I hope to provide my fellow Heathens with useful and trustworthy information as I find and come to understand it myself. With all that said, I hope you enjoy reading what I have to say!