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Jarl Gilduin, Harasser of Frenchmen

(This will be an extremely short post since it’s only here because I think it’s funny.)


My 33rd great grandfather, Gilduin “The Dane” of Saumur, was a jarl/Viking chieftan in Denmark before coming to France, and his only recorded claim to fame (in a really old and untranslated French history book) is that he, Friar Bob, and Conan the Barbarian jostled some guy for his castles because their boss Count Odo told them to.

Odo went on to build some more castles to bother Fulk The Ill-Tempered even more, and eventually some of Gilduin’s descendants lived in the one at Chaumont.

(Also, another one of Gilduin’s descendants was James Monroe, but I’m not nearly as excited about being distant cousins with a plantation-owner whose bucket list included being a politician and owning an even bigger plantation.)

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