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Adorations for Dellingr of the Lakeside Breeze

When in the spring I began to walk, I encountered you, O Dellingr–
you, who was quiet, and tranquil, and who lifted the sun just above the lake
that sparkled with your light’s reflection. O Dellingr! I met you in the spring
and parted with you in the winter cold, and oh how I’ve missed you…!
I have longed to meet you again at the lakeside where I sat
and was soothed by the birdsong
and looked upon the shining waters
and became enraptured by the love I felt in my own heart
before you gave Dagr his reins and sent him to his mother.
O gentle god, O light reborn, O third lover and day-maker,
will you sit with me again?
Here at the lakeside,
will you fill my lungs with reverent words
and caress my cheek with your most calming breeze?
O dayspring, O Dellingr, please enchant me here,
and over and over,
and when I fall from the sight of this world,
let me fall upon a lakeside knoll
and sit with you again.

© Alixander F. D. Bragiteilen and, 2018. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Alixander F. D. Bragiteilen and with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

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